Welcome to Blanc Counseling Services!  We offer a variety of therapeutic services in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Our goal is to provide you with the very best professional care and to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in our door.  Sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy one of our homemade brownies.  With respect for you and your unique needs, we are focused on helping you through life’s challenges.

Our Beliefs

At Blanc Counseling Services, we believe in the resilience and determination that is inherent within the human experience.  We recognize that no one functions entirely alone in the world, and that our human connectedness can be a source of strength and growth.  Every person comes from some sort of family system, and although those systems may be flawed and imperfect, it is that truth that defines every complex and singularly individual experience in life.

These principles have fostered our focus on marriage and family therapy. Families of all types form the core of most people’s human interaction. “Family” as an idea has the power to extend beyond a simple definition of mother, father, brother or sister. The idea of family speaks to those groups we create for ourselves – from our closest friends to larger cultural connections.

As counselors, we do not impose ideas on clients – we help clients. Our goal is to assist people in recognizing issues and refining their own lives. The concerns we see in our offices vary greatly.  We strive to meet those varying needs with a focus on the uniqueness of the individual.  From relationship problems, to questions of identity, or grief and loss, we believe that each person experiences his or her life through a highly personal lens.

Established in 2000, Blanc Counseling Services has become a well-recognized leader in the field of counseling in Central Pennsylvania.  We provide in-depth professional and confidential counseling in a comfortable and relaxed space.  Despite the evolution of topics that we have seen in our offices over time, we remain dedicated to those values that we have focused on since we first opened our doors.